Today’s Quote #117

23 Apr


This rings true for me. Especially as it’s not even 11pm and I’m in bed reading!


Today’s Quote #116

22 Apr


Crack Cocaine

18 Apr

My best friend’s mum (my mum #2) has a magical chocolate recipe up her sleeve and once in a while she makes batches of what we now call Crack Cocaine.

The name is understood once you’ve had a bite; it’s as addictive as drugs though not as unhealthy. She made me a batch today for Easter and my eyes lit up.

Apparently when I give up chocolate… I get days off. According to myself.

So… My chocolate restriction is definitely working.

Happy Easter everybody. X



Can You Measure Gratitude?

15 Apr



Matte Love Nails

14 Apr


Crazy life…

13 Apr

I feel so out of touch when I haven’t blogged properly! Life’s a little busy at the moment but I’m organising it! One more week and I’ll have the perfect timing (free time).

Here’s to a 7 day work life…


Venice, The Floating City

6 Apr

This is my article on one of my favourite cities in the world. I hope I did it justice!

What Inspires Your Confidence?

5 Apr

You’re my rock, my stone, my pebble on the beach.
In times of distress and need, in times when I was low, there was always you.
You’re not a thing nor are you a person, but you are my friend, you’re my wisdom.
You’re my confidence, you’re my inspiration.
You make me feel in control, so sure, invincible, you are me.

Today’s Quote #115

4 Apr

If you’re only going to believe one thing in life then I insist you believe that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe this as everything falls into place once you believe this.



Today’s Quote #114

4 Apr



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