20 Jul

Sometimes I look back on my blog and realise that the content is different and  varied. You’ve got endless pictures of my nails, let’s be honest, I’m obsessed with my nails. Painting my nails is second to reading and  writing, the only other things that help me relax. I’ve posted pictures from living in Italy and positive quotes that hopefully help at least one person. I have a lot about moving to the beautiful and isolating city, Campobasso, in Italy.

Then, you’ve got my general musings on life and my spontaneous poetry. I call it spontaneous because I no longer write poems every day as I used to as a child. Slowly the habit of expressing my feelings or thoughts through rhythmic words in cryptic patterns died away (apart from my stories, I still write those). But sometimes I wonder if poetry is my favourite, I find that sometimes it’s the most daring form of expression. Do you realise how much you can tackle in one  poem?

Before I end  up going off into a random diary entry style of post, I wanted to say that I realised why my blog is so random. The point is, it’s not random, I first saw it as random but now I retract that statement. My blog is me. Here you see nearly every side to me. So, it’s not random at all, contrary to my previous belief. I’m not a very random person. Spontaneous, and at times ridiculous, but not random.

Publishing My Book

18 Jul

Ok, I feel like screaming, shouting and dancing in the rain about this news. Apart from there isn’t much rain for once, and the only rain was last night during the thunderstorm and I’m not THAT much into testing fate. Also, it will start raining shortly and I’m tempted to put actions to my words.

I’m publishing my book really soon! It’s about social networking, the life of four individuals and having an open relationship with the world.


Blue Skies

9 Jul

Storms are grey and whimsical,
Storms are dutiful to the desires of a few.
The sun is a lantern for the lost,
The sun’s always the friend you don’t want to keep too close,
While the wind’s an enemy you keep by your side.
The rain can wash away your fears,
It can create fresh worries and tiresome tears.
The world can do as it pleases,
So long as it delivers you clear blue skies and calm breezes?

Time Is A Treat

4 Jul

Time is endless,
Time is free.
Time is sure and a treat,
It’s an everlasting retreat.

Time is a gift sound in its claim,
Time will help erase all the pain.
Time is a certainty riddled in uncertainty,
Time is a burden full of shame.

Time is a healer and a friend indeed,
Time is a wish come true for many.
Time is for you to use, and abuse as you please,
Time is endless and a dream.

Time is precious, so use it as you please.


20 Shades Of Pink: Two Tones

4 Jul



20 Shades Of Pink: Nail Art Designs – Beauty

15 Jun


20 Shades Of Pink: Nail Art Designs – Beauty

7 Jun



Perfect Decor For Morrocan Theme Nights

2 Jun





Red Velvet Cupcakes

2 Jun

These were soooo good and totally against my chocolate/sugar ban. I guess the addiction is winning.


Pastels This Summer

2 Jun

I can’t get enough of my old Barry M nail varnish!



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