Touch Of Pink With Festive Flakes Nails

Here’s one of my favourite nailart designs that I’m hoping to do again soon! I used Barry M nail varnish (feels like I’m always using Barry M!) and my Rio nailart pens… Always using that amazing brand. I’m not as good with thicker brushes as I learnt with Rio when I was younger. I hope you like the pretty pink and white snowflake design.



Seasonal Nail Frost



Here’s one of my decorative nails with a festive Santa hat. It’s a simple design, all you need is red varnish, a professional white nail art pen and a black nail art pen.

I created this design to go with my Santa outfit!

Campobasso: Kindness In Its Most Genuine Form

cartina campobasso

I’m re-posting this from earlier this year (March) because I’ve been thinking about Italy so much. My mind won’t stop re-living the memories from my time there- honestly think I’m getting withdrawal symptoms.

It feels strange not returning to Italy as it’s been my home for six very important years of my life. I’ve become used to seeing the mountains in the morning and greeting my grocer as I walked by.

Living in another country is also the best way to learn and make use of another language. Now that I’m in London, the only person I practise my Italian with is my laptop (and the app Duolingo), and let’s be honest, my laptop is an object not a person. It’s strange going from using a language everyday to forgetting to practise it. I have to continue because I think languages are wonderful and I love to communicate with people as much as possible. Also, I plan to return to Italy as I have yet to see Milan, Sicily and parts of the Amalfi Coast. It will be great to return after improving my Italian even more.

In Campobasso I met so many kind and generous people. The most inspiring part of their generosity was that they didn’t know they were doing a generous deed. I was given free food at the bar, vegetable shop and free iPhone maintenance without anybody making a point of their deed. It was like generosity in its most simplest and genuine form.

When I first moved there I found it hard to settle in as I’m such a sociable and talkative person who was living in a quiet city. After months in Campobasso I learnt to be patient and enjoy my own company even more. Italy taught me that there is beauty to be found in every place, you just have to open up your eyes (imagination/perspective).

It is great to be back- seeing my family and friends has been wonderful. It just takes a little getting used to. I guess I still have travel fever but it has made me realise I love writing about travel, whether it’s for my blog or freelancing for magazines. Travelling is definitely good for the soul.

There is a good outcome to every decision, a beauty. The beauty of my decision to move to Italy is that I’ve learnt so many valuable things. My favourite is that I wholeheartedly believe everything happens for a reason. There aren’t any bad decisions, only decisions that are right for you in the moment you make them.



Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone noticed, my posts haven’t been very regular, but no more! I’m going through a little revamp, then you’ll have me back- the way I was when living in Italy (with less time to sun myself on a balcony).

Also, the second instalment to the 100 kinds things list will be coming soon. :)

Can’t wait! I’ve missed blogging!


Today’s Quote #129

You can spend your life thinking about what you could be doing or you can spend your life doing it. Which option calls to your heart?

Today’s Quote #128

Sometimes life is all about learning. So for all those who hate education- I guess you can’t escape your experiences. Might as well own them.

My debut novel: His Side, Her Side, Facebook & The Truth

I released my first novel! It is such an exciting time but also nerve-wracking! I’m so happy to have finally achieved one of my biggest dreams. I’m also gearing myself up for any comments on my short story!

If you have time or want something that’s a quick read, head over to Amazon and buy my book via Kindle or paperback. :) IMG_4310.PNG

Today’s Quote #127

‘Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.’

#FashFest With Cosmopolitan

Here are my snapshots of my lovely birthday evening. It was simply a classy way to start off my 23rd year. :) I’ve truly been blessed with the best people in my life.