Today’s Quote #127

27 Sep

‘Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.’

#FashFest With Cosmopolitan

16 Sep

Here are my snapshots of my lovely birthday evening. It was simply a classy way to start off my 23rd year. :) I’ve truly been blessed with the best people in my life.









Project Happiness: 100 Kind Things For The Soul

1 Sep Beauty of Decisions

Here’s the first installment to Project Happiness 100. Below are 25 selfless things you can do to spread happiness around the world. I plan to do one a day, hopefully at some point I won’t even have to think twice about doing kind things every single day. Life is too short to not live every day or show kindness to every person you meet. It doesn’t take long, so make sure you include as much positivity in your life as possible.

 100 Kind Things For The Soul

1. Buy a coffee for a stranger at coffee shops- some places have a system in which they give reserved (payed-for) coffees to any people who are homeless that go in.
2. Write kind notes for someone and hide them around house.
3. Help someone while travelling- with bags/prams etc.
4. Sit and talk to someone who is homeless.
5. Give money to people who sing in the underground.
6. Tell someone you love them every day.
7. Clean the kitchen before others so they can take a break.
8. Write a poem for a friend who needs cheering up.
9. Go out of your way to help someone with something that doesn't reward you with monetary gain.
10. listen. Really listen to what someone is saying to you.
11. Give a random person money in a shop or the street when they're out of change or you've got spare in your pockets.
12. Catch up with an old friend.
13. Send a message to someone you think needs to hear what you have to say about them.
14. Acknowledge someone random walking by or around you with a smile.
15. Next time, instead of acknowledging a kind act on the street- for example, someone holding a door open, giving you a seat or making room for you- with a subtle smile, do it with a loud and clear thank you.
16. Write a letter to someone.
17. Teach a lesson.
18. Tell someone that they're beautiful/handsome.
19. Next time someone gives you really good customer service, thank them and write a letter to the store/establishment naming the person and thanking them.
20. Give up your seat for someone and not just because they're old or pregnant.
21. Make a surprise cake for someone.
22. Buy someone a spontaneous present.
22. Collect all of your pennies and donate them.
23. Say you're welcome to every person who thanks you.
24. Tell somebody something complimentary every time you speak to them.
25. Cook someone a meal.

20 Shades Of Pink: Love & Lace

26 Aug


Today’s Quote #126

26 Aug

Take the time to do what makes your soul happy.

I guess this means I’m reading, talking to my Gran and going to the gym today. :)

Have a happy Tuesday everyone.

Why Are You Surprised By Kindness?

18 Aug

A strange thing happened to me after work today. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, then I wondered why I thought it was so strange. It was actually just an act of kindness and I was overthinking it too much.

After work I went to a Superdrug with my colleague and we were discussing the pros and cons of me buying a dairy milk mix bag, when the man in front of us turned around and said I should. If you know me, you’ll know the debate was about my chocolate addiction, and the fact I went to the gym and didn’t want to undo all of my hard work. Well, I had to buy the chocolate in the end because the man handed me £1, even though I attempted to refuse. Then to my shock, he paid for his things and forced another 50p in my hand, which he followed by saying ‘Hi, my name’s Shaun’, then casually walked away and completely disappeared.

I mean, who does that? It was really random and slightly weird. Yet now I’ve thought about it, I realised it can help me with my Project Happiness. I’m trying to think of 100 selfless acts to do for other people and this can actually go on my list!

Usually, when people do things like that you assume they expect something from you or want something. It’s fair to say that Shaun disappearing proved otherwise.

I’m quite overwhelmed by the kindness and I would love to surprise somebody with that sort of act one day.

Hopefully, everyone will do so many selfless and kind acts for each other that it will no longer be a surprise that people can be capable of such things.

Thank you Shaun.

Help With Project Happiness

18 Aug

Hi, I need help. No, I don’t want you to hypnotise me in order to stay away from chocolate.

Project Happiness is underway and I’m currently thinking of selfless and kind acts people can do for strangers. However random it may be, I want to hear it! I’m trying to think of 100 and am nearly there!

I’ll post them as soon as the list is finished. I’m open to suggestions so please leave a comment.


Today’s Quote #125

18 Aug

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Where there’s a smile, there is hope.

Today’s Quote #124

12 Aug

Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your burdens.

What Are Your Strengths?

11 Aug

Every single person in this world has strengths. Whether it’s one, twenty or over a hundred. What are yours? Believe me, you have them.

If you’ve been through anything trivial in life, you’ve passed pain or you’re still making your way through it, then you can pull a handful of strengths from that. The ability to survive, the ability to turn away from it, the strength to fight through, the incredible gesture of smiling or being selfless to complete strangers when you’re going through a world of pain. All of these things require strength in character, there are so many I haven’t even mentioned!

I started with the concept of pain simply because we all go through it. Then again, we all go through happy moments. There are even more strengths to be taken from positive situations.

Write down your top 5 strengths, (you don’t have to comment on this post, you can just do it for yourself), and then focus on them. Really believe you own them. Those five things, they’re a part of what makes your character. There’s nothing good about self-depreciating behaviour, if that is a trait. Shying away from what makes you a great person doesn’t benefit anybody in any way.

Think about your strengths and focus on how you show them every day. Write it all down and keep it for the moments when you forget your own worth.

It might take a while to think of, in which case ask your friends, family, the guy who serves you at your local cafe…

My Top 5 Strengths:

1) I like to help people.
2) When I love, I do it with all my heart.
3) I’m a great mediator- who works with doses of sarcasm and laughter.
4) I’m creative- without my creativity I wouldn’t have a clue who to be.
5) I’m thoughtful, which in turn makes me kind.

It feels weird declaring finding things I like about myself, but I’ve learnt that to have a good life you have to first learn to love yourself.

I hope this helps someone’s day, somehow. Even if it makes you laugh or smirk… I don’t mind. :)


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