Today’s Quote #136 

If ever you start to lose sight of yourself just take a step back and remember what you learnt on your travels. Sometimes it just takes a simple conversation with old friends. 

Teresa and Claudio on their first trip to London. Somehow, reminding me of the things I learnt in Italy. 

Today’s Quote #135

Happy 1st birthday to my lovely nephew. By the time you’re 18, you’ll be able to fill a library with the amount of books I’m going to make you read. 

Today’s Quote #134

… and sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we still hope.

I hope we can all have a hopeful day today. Fingers crossed.

A Petal Of Hope

Here’s a recent poem I wrote:

You’re mighty strong but sometimes you’re mighty wrong.
How can a petal grow when the others drop off?
Pacing through a throng of infinitely sad faces,
Where’s the glimmer of hope?

Searching their deep irises,
Where’s the spark or will we all inevitably start to mope
About life’s inadequacies and attention to the negative.

Trying to make a positive from adverse desires,
On faces so exhausted they can’t find the difference,
Between a life to love and just a life to live.

If we all close our eyes, is it the life we’ve imagined?
The world we want to reside in?
Because, if my dear you see nothing but blackness, maybe it’s time you pull your mind from the shadows, light it up and see the clear definitions,
Of what you really should be feeling in such a world of hope and passion.

You can fashion your world into anything from the figment of your imagination.

Today’s Quote #133


I guess that keeping this in mind can help people move past any difficult days.

Overflowing Durban Bunnies At Bunny Chow, Soho

74 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TE

durban bunny

If you’re looking for a quick pit-stop while traipsing through the social hub of Soho then Bunny Chow is where you need to be. No, there aren’t any bunnies up for grabs, but it’s actually a restaurant dedicated to South African Bunnies, a type of street food which I can’t believe I’ve been living without.

When thinking of Bunny Chow, the restaurant, the first thing to come to mind is the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. There’s a chilled vibe going on which may have been around in Durban (where Bunny Chow originated), and it got everyone in a chatty and humorous mood. The crowd for Soho’s new neighbour is hip and trendy just like the establishment.


One thing I have to point out is that for Soho, Bunnychow may be a quick stop-off but for £5 a Bunny it gives you much more than what you pay for. Expecting something resembling a slider with bite size food, I was pleasantly surprised with the quantity and generous fillings. This place has the title of ‘laid-back cool’; they didn’t even know there was a Best Breakfast Award but they most definitely won it with their English Bunny, which is available throughout the day- it’s a novelty to get one of our favourite breakfasts in the evening.

The owners pared back the menu and redecorated with a twist for their new Wardour Street restaurant. There’s no need to um and ah at a long menu because you’ve got a compact selection to choose from. I tried the Chakalaka, mainly because it was fun to say out loud. My Chakalaka Bunny came with a delicious filling of chicken, hidden rice and I chose the brioche bun to finish it all off. You have the option of various breads to try with different curries. The traditional South African Durban Bunny is a fantastic creation of soft mutton, which like the Chakalaka comes with a dollop of mango chutney and crunchy poppadom pieces.

The lid of every bunny holds wholesome flavours that will take you to another era, whether you’re looking for spice, tang or sweetness, it’s yours to choose at Bunny Chow. The cocktail of the moment has to be North Beach, chosen because it sounds like a place I’d love to travel. The mix of coco cream, coco water, banana, lime and lemon was delicious, especially with the magical addition of white rum.


Red lighting sets the vibe for the evening and I love the layout; you can see the main kitchen while seated at your tables and it feels a bit like a fast-food joint in terms of layout, but it’s so much more than that. It’s introducing a part of history that may have been forgotten. Bunny Chow serve their food on what look like mess tins, bringing a touch of old-age authenticity with a brilliant and unique twist. There’s a great emphasis on attention to detail and this can be seen in the snacks and sides. Attention is also paid to the customers, so if you want a slight twist to your drink then don’t hesitate to ask, they’re more than willing to personalise your meal in that aspect.


You may wonder at the creation of Bunnies so here’s a fun fact directly from Bunny Chow:

There are three versions to the story of how the food came into existence. The Bunny Chow is a very simple dish made of a hollowed-out quarter, half or full loaf of bread filled with any available curry. There are actually a few versions of the story as the creation is shadowed and covered in a mix of myth and legend. One theory is that it was invented for the Indian caddies at a golf course who couldn’t get off from work for lunch. Instead, their friends got the local curry for them and in the absence of disposable food containers the curry came in hollowed-out loaves of bread.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience unique Bunnies, overflowing with flavour and authenticity at Bunny Chow.

Today’s Quote #132

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.

Today’s Quote #131

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

-By Miriam Beard

Like, Swipe, Share & Retweet Me – BUT DON’T MEET ME

‘That’s it,’ I thought, ‘she’s lost to me forever’ – this overwhelming realisation was followed by an enveloping of fear for the future. My younger sister was gifted an iPhone.

It doesn’t matter that it was her 16th birthday and she was receiving her first ever phone. What mattered is that firstly it wasn’t a Nokia 3210 that weighed more than your eager-beaver pencil case, and secondly I knew she would follow suit and become one of those human shaped sheep, (myself included), that have been joining in 2014’s (now 2015) version of communication.

Gone are the days where we enjoyed other people’s company and entered is the age of social media communication. Around six billion people own a phone of which 680,000,000 are using Facebook, 645,750,000 using Twitter, 200,000,000 are using Instagram, over 400 million snaps are being sent a day with Snapchat and What’s App has over 600,000,000 users. Does anybody remember what ‘texting’ means? All forms of communication over an internet connection come under the term ‘social’, apparently. I haven’t even started on online dating apps- as an ex-avid user I have subsequently grown tired of holding a phone in my palm, cramping my hand and speaking to more men than I have fingers, toes and hair follicles.

Girl texting on the phone in a restaurant

There are many key skills we need in life and a comprehensive use of today’s digital technology is a great part of this. Yet, simple communication is slowly fading into the background. A bit like my will to date accomplished and ambitious men. When we put pen to paper our thought process has to slow down, re-evaluate and possibly re-write (unless you’re in an exam – that used to suck). Online communication is quicker, easier and more dangerous in terms of hormonal on-the-go angry messages. Yes, I have often sent my fair share.

The new methods of contacting each other shouldn’t be shunned, I love them. I love that I can see what my friends are doing through Snapchat. I appreciate that Skype allows me to call my friends around the world. I indulge in the instant messaging nature of What’s App and its free photo-sending capabilities.

The fact that I can market my short story and my writing through Twitter and Facebook is the double-glazed cherry on top of my social pie. They are great tools for businesses and have a lot of pros. Then again, when a guy asks me out on a date and says, ‘let’s Skype at six’, as his version of a date, I want to scream, stamp my feet and send him more than an evil emoji. My reaction makes more sense if the man lived 30 minutes away- hypothetically speaking.

There’s either a huge flaw in this new communication age or I attract complete and utter lazy bums (unfortunately, we have to strongly consider the latter in this evaluation). Everything in this world has a pro and a con. There’s so much beauty everywhere but it’s easy to miss when you’re looking down at your phone the entire time. I watched a video recently that emphasises this point in a clear and clever rap:

There are so many travellers in this world and it’s great that they want to trot the globe along with recording the journey on their devices (at least I hope). It’s always going to be a different viewpoint and perspective with your eyes than it is with your camera lens or phone screen.

One thing I learnt on my travels was to always look up and look behind. You could be missing the very thing you’re looking for.

Today’s Quote #130

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.